Pumpkin Latte body cream

Pumpkin Latte

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Handmade Body Cream

Fall Season is upon us and so is this new skincare. 

Pumpkin Latte is the new fall scent for Sweet Cream Skincare body cream. Enjoy this organic body cream made with Vanilla and Pumpkin scented essential oils, African Shea Butter, and Kokum Butter to help heal winter dry skin problems. 

Specially made to help heal dry, eczema-prone skin. This body cream can be used every day on your face and body. 

Direction: Apply a small amount to hands rub together and apply directly to the body.


African Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, pumpkin essential oil, organic plant-based collagen, aloe vera, and a few more healthy ingredient to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.  Not greasy or oily apply like a lotion but works like a treatment.

Made in Austin, Tx

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