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Austin Voyage Magazine 


It wasn’t until my son turned one year old and I started to see changes in his skin as well. At this point, I decided, ok Bonnie it’s time to take matters into your own hands. My son’s pediatrics recommended an eczema treatment to treat the rough, dry patches on his skin. I remember my son crying whenever I put it on him. It’s like he knew this cream is smelly and greasy, no thank you mom. Then I started playing around with ingredients that I had in my home which were shea butter, coconut butter, and aloe vera. I also went online to look for homemade treatments for eczema. I started crafting ingredients together which was still greasy- I didn’t like it but it worked. My son’s eczema cleared up. Years later, I continued to research ingredients and educated myself on formulas that can help improve skin texture. I perfected my first lotion creation and started sending it as Christmas presents to friends and family. Then I was asked when they can get more because it was helping their skin too.

Long story short, this is how Sweet Cream was created from a frustrated mom who wanted a product that could help me and my whole family’s skin.


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