Stay in-love with your skincare routine. Our body butters are made to last on your skin all day. After each use skin will appear more nourish and less dry and dehydrated. We put together a collection of current Body Butters curated for each season of the year. Start collecting your favorites now.


Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soaps

Each soap is packed with healthy-rich ingredients to clean skin without stripping it of its natural glow. Each soap is specially handmade using goat milk. Goat milk is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and will leave your skin feeling soft. 


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Sweet Cream Natural Skincare

Sweet Cream is an organic body care solution for normal to dry, ezcema prone, and uneven skin tone. Made in Austin, Tx, and available year-round. Each collection is handmade and made ready for use. Start using sweet-scented body creams for your dry skin, soon you will be thinking what dry skin because you use our skincare ;-) ... Imagine a nutty Shea butter mix with some great essential oils to keep your skin hydrated and smelling great. Sweet Cream offers specially formulated new lotions, soaps, and lip balm to have a long-lasting scent packed with vitamins for your skin. Each lotion contains deeply enriched butter, aloe vera, essential oils, to help heal skin and keep it protected.