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Why I created my own skincare line.                                                           

I remember it like it was yesterday me being pregnant back in 2014 and not able to use any of the products I had at home. Or even the lotions sold in store because my skin reacted to so badly to everything. I would constantly be scratching and not really understanding what was happening. I remember telling myself I would just use coconut butter, essential oils to see if it would help and it work! I remember my skin less reactive to organic coconut and I made sure the oils I used had no harsh chemicals. I even stop using deodorants and made my own organic deodorant stick. During my pregnancy I became allergic to gluten which is found in a lot of skincare to act as a thicken agent for almost every topical product you might find in-stores. When my son was born I soon learn he was allergic to milk and his skin reacted just as mines did to simple baby lotion or shampoo. I had to make a change to his skin health as well. 

Through trial and error I develop a formula for sensitive eczema prone skin, which is something I inherited during pregnancy and passed it alone to my son. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it had changed my body tremendously. I'm so happy I had this experience because now I have a skincare product that is safe for everyone to use and benefit from plant base ingredients. 

As of today I'm happy to have over 7 scents all created with Shea, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Beeswax and some essential oils for fun sweet seats. The store name is created from my love of cookies and favorite scents. 

I will always keep my lotions 100%  organic and include what is used in it. I can honestly say I didn't know my staple ingredients could improve the texture of my skin and some of my customers, but it has. 

Thanks so much for supporting my creation and help making this dream come true.

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